Every One Every Day Platform Introduces Organisational Membership


Participatory City Foundation is introducing free Organisational Membership to the Every One Every Day platform. By introducing free Organisation Membership we hope to make it much easier and simpler for organisations to make good use of the opportunities and resources that the Every One Every Day initiative is creating in the borough.

We have many varied collaborations and partnerships that benefit residents of the borough already, but we are keen to grow those collaborations. By creating a membership structure we hope that we can communicate much better how connecting to the Every One Every Day network can support your organisation’s work, grow your ideas with others, and collectively boost the benefits to residents and the borough as a whole.

Organisational Membership will include:

  1. Free access to Every One Every Day spaces & equipment - according to Open Access Terms. (Some spaces now, some available soon)

  2. Co-design, toolkits and equipment to help you start new practical participation projects, or replicate tried and tested projects, with the people you work with. (now)

  3. Networking opportunities with other people living and working in the borough through Open Project Evenings in The Warehouse.(from July)

  4. Learning opportunities through a large schedule of peer-to-peer and specialist sessions, workshops and events.(now)

  5. Collaborative planning to introduce and connect people you are working with to the growing network of resident friendship and support. (now)

Become a member

  1. Apply here on a short form.

  2. Come and meet us to discuss your ideas and plans.

  3. Attend inductions for the use of spaces and equipment and collect your tap-in membership cards.

  4. Start enjoy being a member!

    It’s as easy as that!

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Please get in touch with anyone in our team for more information.





There are some kinds of activity we can’t support in our spaces. These restrictions include political, religious, campaigning or exclusive activity.

Any use of membership needs to create social benefit for Barking and Dagenham residents or the borough.

You don’t have to be a registered charity or company to become an Organisational Member, just that you are currently a group of people that is organising activity in Barking and Dagenham for the benefit of its residents.

You don’t need your own insurance to use our spaces.

We aren’t set up to give grants.

We work with organisations and residents using the 14 Design Principles for Inclusive Participation below.

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Tessy Britton