What I am working on at the moment

I’m currently the Director of Strategy & Research at  Doteveryone. We are based at Somerset House in London. I can also sometimes be found in Manchester doing work with the new Co-op digital team. Alongside this I remain Co-founder and Director of the Point People and Tech For Good Global. I’m also producing a book called Civic.

Why I wanted to join the Participatory City GlObal Advisory

Participatory City is one of the best bodies of work that exists today and a great example of reflexive practice, so I’m very honoured to be part of how it develops. I believe in the theories of change that sit behind the work, that are informed by a belief in people’s potential and with working with there is, a desire to create long-term meaningful change, a recognition that this type of work is emergent and requires the orchestration, coordination and collaboration of many people and organisations and the attention to detail in how it’s designed so that it is for and with everyone. 

A little bit about my background

All of my work sits at the intersection of strategic design, technology and systems change and I care about doing work that addresses inequalities, ensures social justice, cares about inclusivity and that enables invention and imagination. In a previous life I set up a fashion company, worked at a fashion publication in New York, was awarded by Nesta as a Creative Pioneer and completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.