Co-production Lab

The Co-production Lab will combine staff from the Participatory City Foundation and London Borough of Barking and Dagenham for the first three years of the Every One Every Day initiative. This team will undertake redesign work specifically focused on how institutional services, businesses and organisations and the expanding participatory network integrate. 

There are four primary areas of work:

  1. Integration of the emerging participatory ecology with services (both LBBD and other organisations).
  2. Integration of the emerging participatory ecology with local businesses and industry – designing opportunities for work experience, apprentices, space sharing and community business development.
  3. Designing and integrating multi-sector activity that works to address complex issues, e.g. domestic violence, obesity.
  4. Introducing and integrating highly developed ideas from elsewhere, where effectiveness has been demonstrated, e.g. increasing vocabulary for pre-school children.

In addition, it will also assist with the external commissioning of necessary infrastructures for scaling the project, namely the technology, metrics and investment.