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A New Economy Screening + Open Evening

Join us to find out more about Participatory City and for the screening of a ‘A New Economy’- big things happen when humanity is at the core of business. Can cooperation save the world? 

Please let us know if you are attending by signing up here. Space is limited.

Review of the documentary:

"Fullerton brings a no-nonsense edge to Meier’s crisp and inspiring doc, A New Economy, which presents seven “human-centred” organizations that are pioneering new and unconventional ways to do business, including an Asian-style night market begun by a women’s committee in a low-income Toronto neighbourhood, a craft-brewing cooperative in London, Ontario, and Vancouver’s own Downtown Eastside–based Sole Food urban-agriculture project—which was recently praised by Savio Volpe chef Mark Perrier, among others, for providing the best produce in the city.

As another of the film’s talking heads, London School of Economics sociologist Richard Sennett, remarks: “This isn’t touchy-feely stuff; this is about getting the world to actually work.”

“My perspective is that we’re never going to win these ideological battles,” Meier says. “For me, there’s no point. We need to step beyond these big battles and create something that’s so much better that it’s just attractive to people. You can see it in the philosophy of the film. We don’t dive deep into the crisis. People know what the crisis is. They’re in it. What we spend our time on is people rolling their sleeves up and saying, ‘All right, this is our approach; we’re going to experiment in this way that has a deeper sense of value, that values the human beings at the core of it, that produces something not only for us but for our community and is run in a democratic way.’