The Participatory City will be funded through a unique new finance mechanism. This mechanism will enable corporate partners, foundations, central and local governments and local residents to invest in a neighbourhood in a new way. The outcomes, wellbeing, sustainability and equality that are achieved through the Participatory City will be distributed i.e. they will come from thousands of people's small daily participation activities, across 100s of different projects, and they will benefit everyone involved.  


Collective Investment Fund

Between September 2015 and January 2016, key partners will be invited to be part of the Collective Investment Fund.  Working in one borough over 5 years is a long-term commitment to achieving change and will require many dedicated funders and practitioners.

If your organisation would like to be a partner in this exciting project to build a sustainable future please get in touch.

"It’s hard to imagine how you build a city today from the top down.
The time has passed when a few influential people could gather in a room to decide what a city will be. Instead, a city’s future is determined by hundreds of actions taken daily by thousands of people based on what they believe about a city’s future and their role in it."

Carol Coletta
Vice President, 
Community and National Initiatives, The Knight Foundation