Why I joined the participatory City DEvelopment team

As an advocate for public policy oriented towards fostering wellbeing, I have spent years highlighting the evidence that strong social connections and meaningful activities are two of the most vital ingredients for a happy life. So I am really inspired by Participatory City’s approach of making these elements a tangible aspect of everyone’s lives, not just for some people but for everyone in a place. The ambition of taking this to mass scale across an initial Demonstration Neighbourhood and beyond is a fantastically ambitious goal, and I am really excited to be joining the Development Team to help work towards it.

A little bit about MY background

I am currently Associate Director, Wellbeing at the New Economics Foundation, carrying out research and advocacy on the measurement of wellbeing and its policy implications. I have worked particularly on the design of wellbeing measures, the politics of wellbeing and headline indicators and the links between wellbeing and co-production. I was a member of the Technical Advisory Group working with the UK Office for National Statistics on Measuring National Well-being and am a regular speaker and media commentator.

Before joining NEF in 2008 I was a Research Director at the National Centre for Social Research where I managed large-scale social survey projects, including working on the major government social-capital survey, the Citizenship Survey. I worked previously as a research consultant at Matrix. I studied philosophy at the University of Cambridge and social research methods at the London School of Economics.