What I am working on at the moment

I am working as an innovation researcher and consultant, I am fascinated by the rise of innovation labs around the world. I develop collaborative innovation frameworks and methodologies, taking into account the open and systemic nature of innovation labs.

Why I wanted to join the Participatory City Global Advisory

Participatory City promises to be the very essence of what urban innovation labs formula has to offer. Citizen involvement and crowdsourcing approaches are potentially very powerful tools to enable urban communities to thrive. I look forward to supporting Participatory City collaborative design, innovation process management and impact measurement.

A little bit about my background

I have been working on the topic of labs and hubs for several years now. Currently I am an R&D engineer for Service Engineering with Impact at Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology. I have a PhD in innovation management from Louvain Academy in Belgium and a Master in Business / Information Management from Maastricht University in The Netherlands. I have advised clients around the world in innovation as strategy consultant with Arthur D. Little and run strategic projects for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Online & Knowledge Management in Amsterdam.

I have also collaborated with universities of Oxford, London and UCL on social innovation topics, including hubs and labs. I’m an an advisor of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community in Luxembourg, a national delegate to CEN & ISO committees on innovation management standards, a co-founder of global Entrepreneurial Spaces and Collectivities network, and a guest lecturer at the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Master at University of Luxembourg. I have led international teams in several countries throughout my career.