What I am working on at the moment

I am presently based in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I am a Program Director at People's Liberty, a philanthropic lab that invests directly in people. 

Why I wanted to join the Participatory City Global Advisory

Like the individuals behind Participatory City, I too have a vested interest in making places better for people. Participatory City is really dialed into trends and practices in place-based civic/community development, and I'm excited to connect with other optimistic practitioners who are advancing this field in bold and inspiring ways. 

A little bit about my background

In 2008, I graduated from design school in Detroit.
In 2009, I built a pie shop/community centre called PieLab
In 2010, I sharpened by design skills in Chicago
In 2011, I returned to Detroit and taught undergraduates.
That same year, I helped build a storefront/welcome center in the urban core.
In 2012, I helped develop CoSign, which partnered local artists/designers with local businesses and expert sign-makers to develop a critical mass of new storefront signage in local business districts in Cincinnati, OH.
In 2013, I began working with a small team to develop People's Liberty, where I am today.