Participatory City
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If we want to build new types of inspiring neighbourhoods, that improve the lives of everyone living there, we need all the creativity and energy we can get.

The problem, we discovered, is not that people don't want to participate regularly or live more sustainably ... because they do.

And the problem is not a lack of exciting new project ideas  ... because there are 100s of brilliant ideas.

So we asked the question --- > If people want to live this way, why isn't everyone participating, everywhere, every day?

The answer turned out to be simple: there aren't enough existing opportunities to participate in practical and sociable activities, that build neighbourhoods together as equals, and that fit within the fabric of everyday life.


Over 12 months we built a new participatory system in West Norwood, London - the first of its kind.

Together with residents we designed and tested 20 new practical projects to see if we could re-organise the neighbourhood for every-day benefit, but also to be an inspiring and exciting place to live, grow ideas and projects and invent new livelihoods.


Now we want to go much, much further ...

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Over 5 years, Participatory City will transform a place into a demonstration neighbourhood that will become a model for wellbeing, sustainability and equality. 



100+ opportunities every week to make, share, repair, learn, grow, cook together with neighbours

35,000 opportunities to participate in everyday activities near you each year

5,000 people participating each week

300 commons- based projects for everyday life

Projects in 400 existing underused spaces

12 local kitchens for bulk cooking

6 Public Dry Stores for collective buying

300 back garden greenhouses growing for open meal events

24 public tool sheds

25 new community businesses for fabrication, food and energy

32 mini local platforms