How we work



We include everyone 

We are stronger together and we do our best work when people from every walk of life are involved. Creating new ways for everyone to take part on an equal footing is at the heart of everything we do. Success will be measured by how well we collaborate and what this achieves. 


We build trust 

We are trustworthy - honest, respectful, open and reliable - making firm commitments and holding ourselves to account. We extend trust, knowing that networks of trust and support unlock creativity in everyone. We give others the stage. We think as a connected and co-dependant system, act as a friend. 


We get things done 

We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, whether it’s washing up, welcoming others or completing a project. We don’t wait to be asked. We value the effects of momentum, doing what we can with what we have, where we are. We drop everything to support each other to make things happen quickly and successfully. 



We are creative 

We are bold, imaginative, experimental, analytical - always looking for more effective ways of doing things. Creativity means more to us than how things look - it runs through everything we do. We cultivate an atmosphere of good humour - we are creative when there is a sense of playfulness. 


We learn as we work 

Whilst grounded in common sense and knowledge, our work is in the new, the emerging. With a learning and entrepreneurial mindset we look, we listen, we ask why, what if and what else? We build new insight and knowledge collectively, through discussion as well as data. We celebrate when things go well. We reflect, learn and have a cuppa when they don’t. We bounce back quickly. 


We communicate, all the time 

We meet people where they are. We make ideas both understandable and exciting. We take responsibility for communicating to everyone, distilling, simplifying and personalising. We communicate through conversations, words, drawings, images, diagrams, models, music, stories and films, creating many different methods for people to interact with ideas - on their own terms and in their own way. 


We create value collectively  

We are here for a reason - supporting 1000s of people to work together to co-produce positive, measurable, real-world effects. We keep an eye on the detail and the big picture, growing the impact of the work methodically and persistently, step by step, day by day. Big valuable things are achieved through many small things getting done by many people.