Your organisation, local government or city team has decided that they want to begin developing a similar initiative locally. Our Cities Programme has designed two knowledge blocks to take you through the different stages you will need to build your project. Each block is 1 week long and can be taken together over a single 2 week period -- or two separate weeks over a 2 month period. Recommended for teams of two or three people who plan to develop their initiative over a 6 - 18 month period.

Block 1

  • Understanding practical participation culture
  • How to construct a participation system
  • Deciding in which geographic area to start - running a feasibility study 
  • Mapping local organisation and industry networks
  • Communicating to different audiences to build support

Block 2

  • Raising significant funding to support your initiative long term, including bid writing
  • Creating teams for building your new system
  • Metrics, digital and investment
  • Pulling to all together


£1,500 per person per week

Does not include travel and accommodation

Places available

There are 15 spaces available per week