What I am working on at the moment

I’m working with two different projects at the moment – a regional initiative Social Innovation Skåne and in a community/village turnover in rural Röstånga (both in the south of Sweden). 

Social Innovation Skåne in an intermediate regional platform to strengthen the system to deal with grass root entrepreneurship, social enterprises and not for profit business – by helping initiatives with organization, financing or collaboration about certain challenges – social, environmental or similar.

I’m also chair in a community interest company in local property development and focusing on both social housing and commercial business. Based in the rural small village of Röstånga, The CIC Röstånga Development got more than 400 local shareholders and today owns seven properties including a Museum of Modern Art, a restaurant, a brewery, office space and private housing.

Why I wanted to join the Participatory City GlObal Advisory

I find Participatory City interesting and am glad to join the board as I think it I crucial that we develop, support and try to find new ways of empower citizens and create great conditions for real ownership and influence for people. The Participatory City initiative is one of these interesting seed-beds of innovation – which might help us build knowledge of how to design and do it better. To join the Advisory Board makes it possible to both share and learn experiences from a real case.

A little bit about my background

Project manager Social Innovation Skåne
Chair Röstånga Utvecklings AB

On the board at:
Mikrofonden Skåne 
Fridhems Folkhögskola 
The County Administrative Board of Skåne